I Moved to Substack (Yes, I Know)

I’d like to interrupt your perfectly normal day to announce… my resignation from The Intercept!

(Not really).

I’ve decided to switch from WordPress to Substack. My current canon of posts has been exported (after some technical trouble), I’ve set up a profile picture (actually just a Modesty Blaise screencap from my downloads folder) and I have an introduction ready to go.

For those not in the know, Substack is newsletter software (so subscribers will receive my new writing directly in their inbox) which also functions as a very simple and minimal way to read previous newsletters (I liked the apparent lack of algorithmic recommendations and intrusive ads). My switch owes itself to the following:

  • Economic reasons: I would like to eventually make some extra income from this sort of writing, but my options are incredibly limited on WordPress. My pageviews aren’t bad on certain posts, but I’m unable to benefit from this without paying for the next plan up (out of my current budget; would be operating at a loss) in order to install Adsense (not fair on my readers anyway). I’ll eventually introduce a paid plan on Substack, where interested subscribers can read extra posts for a monthly £3-£5; regular newsletters will still remain free to the rest.
  • Semi-moral reasons: I would like to be a niche vintage/ancient culture writer – but I also think that culture writers, with their bait-y alarmist headlines, are ruining the way we live! Substack isn’t a clickfarm and appears at present to be the only way to transition into a paid internet-writing career without exploiting rage or panic. The newsletter model is attractive to me – it appears genuinely democratic, with the masses taking control of their reading material for good, and reminds me of the golden age of fashion blogging in the early 2010s. I love newsletters! (this counts as a moral).
  • Social reasons: WordPress is sort of dead. I don’t think many people find it easy to interface with this blog and it often feels as if I am shouting into a void. I dislike microblogging sites like Twitter and Tumblr for reasons I’ve stated previously, but it would still be nice to belong to a circle of writers who read each others’ work – at length, without algorithms and without having our attention spans hijacked.

The link to my Substack is here: https://fairypage.substack.com/

This blog will stay up with the posts it has now, but you can also read them on Substack from today. I may eventually let my WordPress domain expire.

Thank you so much for reading/putting up with my second change of platform. I would really appreciate any signups to the new newsletter – and, again, if you enjoyed any posts in particular, please feel free to share with your friends or on social media. (My main Substack promotion plan involves printing out ominous flyers and thumb-tacking them around my tiny village as a publicity stunt, so if we live within a mile of each other, I suppose you’ll know soon?)

I aim to post twice a week on Substack (one miscellaneous piece of writing on Friday at 5pm GMT, and one roundup of my current interests/activities on Sunday at 8pm GMT) but I’ll let you know if this changes.


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