Language, culture, art and personal exploits as told by a disturbed and disillusioned young woman


I’m a UK languages/linguistics student with several tangential interests and no idea how to stitch these together for personal profit. I created this blog mainly to prove to myself that I am doing something useful (I am not). I also used to be a Tumblr polemicist but thought the time was ripe to start writing actual essays.

I enjoy studying modern languages (Mandarin), trying to study ancient languages (Latin and Classical Chinese), exploring the etymology/literature/fun quirks of these languages, drawing and painting, watching films from before 1970, making playlists, cultural commentary, knitting and self-sabotage. I am passionate about cultural history and the strange overlaps found between different epochs and societies.

I am very frustrated with the lack of context, meaningful knowledge or interesting writing found on social media and started this blog to provide an alternative.

I’m also trying to start a culture podcast with two friends, but we’re still in the early stages.