Language, culture, art and personal exploits as told by a disturbed and disillusioned young woman


I’m a UK languages/linguistics undergrad (taking a year off in 2021-2022 to write and illustrate a book). I draw, paint, translate, and dabble in cultural commentary. You may remember me from my old Tumblr, where I used to post about Latin poetry while antagonising others. I’m back – in essay form!

I aim to bring context, light verse, translation experiments and incisive writing about lesbianism back to the internet. I would love to bring classic cinema to a wider audience. I am also the founder of (and was later ousted from) The Aesthetics Wiki. You can contact me at fairypage01@gmail.com, or find my brief film reviews on Letterboxd.

I am available for pseudonymous freelance writing (classic film, lesbianism, online aesthetics from a Gen Z critical viewpoint, Chinese literature, etc.), escort services (if you’d like someone to stage a large disturbance at your next private function so you can leave quickly), and, in my dreams, art direction.